Q: Are children allowed on this trip?
A: Yes they are most welcome…

Q: How much does it cost to come on the trip?
A: Please check out the “Shopping” page for details. A $15 registration is mandatory for each MINI on the trip. All other items are optional.

Q: Will we travel together in a convoy as a group? Or will we travel separately, and meet at certain times and places for events, meals, and /or overnight accommodations.
A: This year, there will be several starting points on the Thursday morning depending on where you live, see the “Registration” page for the different locations. Unless you are planning on meeting us directly at the hotel in Newberry, the main meeting point for most will be the Doherty Restaurant in Clare. After that, we generally travel in a group, but we are quite flexible and you can go ahead, fall behind, or take a bit of a scenic detour if you please. While it is a good idea to keep the leaders, and some other members of the tour, informed of your whereabouts, we will not however, be responsible for keeping track of you for the duration of the trip. Communication is a key to safety, so keep informed as to where and when the group plans to make a stop and let someone know what you are up to, so you may be counted and noticed if missing.

Q: Do we make our own reservations for overnight accommodations?
A: Yes, please make your own reservations. Please refer to the “Hotel Accomodation” page for more details.

Q: What frequency on the 2-way radio will we be using during the tour?
A: We will use FRS Channel 7 Privacy Code 21

Q: What happens if my car breaks down?
A: Hopefully, you will be able to communicate your predicament to others in the tour, and, perhaps, someone can help you. This is where a 2-way radio can be handy while we are driving. While the members of the club are rather handy, and are generally very kind and helpful, there is no guaranty anyone else on the tour will be able to fix your ride, or provide a definite solution. You are, therefore, on your own and taking the tour at your own risk. Plan the trip as if you were traveling alone, and not part of a touring group.

Q: What Charity is to benefit, and how do we go about donating?
A: Please check out the “Charity Info” page for details.

Q: What should I take with me?
A: Here is a model “packing list” of stuff that is good to take in the vehicle. You should pack your vehicle, adding or deleting items from the list as you deem necessary.

Emergency Gear:
· Clean Towel (a couple of small to large sizes)
· Emergency space blanket
· Plastic bags (one or more of various sizes)
· First Aid Kit - including pain relievers, stomach remedies, antiseptic ointment
· Insect repellent
· Cash - in case credit cards do not work
· Hand sanitizer gel
· Extra car key - held by a passenger or co-pilot
· Air compressor
· Tire inflator kit: Goop/Slime/Fix-a-Flat/etc…
· Tire pressure gauge
· Tie downs and bungee cords to keep stuff stable
· All purpose multi function hand tool (Leatherman tool type)
· Swiss Army Knife with corkscrew, bottle opener, can opener, etc.
· Dramamine or anti-nausea medicine for car or boat sickness
· Reflective triangles, lights, flares
· Compass or GPS
· List of Emergency Contact People (folks at home we can call if necessary, including doctors, and a list of what they treat you for)
· List of medicine and conditions for which they are taken
· Extra medicine - in case you are laid over and do not get home when planned

· FRS/GMRS two-way radio
· Flashlight
· Maps
· Charger(s) for cell phone, camera, etc…
· Folding camp chair
· Camera
· Pair of walking shoes